Szilvia György

Szilvia was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1970; she moved to Sydney, Australia in 1989. Naturally attracted by the challenge of new culture and inspired by ancient heritage, she has been practicing sculpture in its various manifestations since her graduation in 2001.
Her primary medium of choice is porcelain light sculptures that relate to human space. She has also been working with a wide variety of materials as a jeweller, exploring the qualities in structure, movement in direct relation to the human body.
For more than a decade she has been interested in finding new meaning and function through the exploration of deconstruction. Seeking aesthetic and physical balance through the process of shifting elements until they again re-establish order from chaos.
She finds endless fascination in the dualities of life: positive-negative, stillness-motion, distance-proximity, upside-downside, inside-outside, light-shadow.
Her work is held in numerous private collections around the world.
Her works are essentially inspired by her own experiences, and respond to what the qualities of the materials offer.