Sense and Nonsense

Articulate Project Space 2023

Sense and Nonsense was a joint exhibition of art as experience with Jane Theau, featuring her textiles and my ceramics, installations of forms, sound and scent.

The exhibition allowed and encouraged participants to experience the work and relate to the gallery space with their whole bodies, not just their eyes. We think if we were more ‘in touch’ with all our senses rather than being detached observers of the world through vision alone we might care for its wonders more deeply.

Szilvia Gyorgy investigated landscapes through her works, which married the permanence of porcelain and the ephemerality of light, sound and scent, and she invited people to interact with form, colour, light and pattern.

In the work articulate_resonance, photos of ephemeral sculptures made by the artist and invited visitors  became part of a bigger artwork on Instagram.

We need all our senses to make sense of the world, or it is nonsense.

Photos below by the artist