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Some notes about using WordPress in Editor mode

This is mostly miscellaneous material, as most instructions for adding content to the site are contained in the Media and Design Series sections.

The ‘Stay or Leave’ alert

If you have been editing something and go to navigate away from the editor before saving, WordPress will offer a prompt asking if you want to “leave the site”. This can be a bit confusing – other applications would say “You have unsaved changes”.

Select ‘Stay’ and then ‘Update’ or ‘Save Draft’, unless you’ve decided to discard your edits.


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12/12/2017 at 3.48pm

The site looks great!

13/12/2017 at 4.51pm

Hi Chris, I think I may need to sit down with you one more time, and do stuff on my little computer. Everything on your screen with your confidence looked better.. let me see it later. Thanks, Szilvia

14/12/2017 at 12.33pm

I think you logged in as Admin – that will make it overwhelming for you. Try logging in as Szilvia. – user name is szilvia and password is the same as for admin. But give me a call and we can line up another time to go through it.

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