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The Series level items are a kind of collection point for the Object items in a series. Series items show the series name, and carry the same description and stockists as the object items in the series.

The main main reason for having a Series item is to have a page to be called in the Design Series section of the front page. The Design Series Portfolio items element calls portfolio categories (not tags), e.g. Lights, Sculpture, Tableware etc.

We could just use one of the Object level items as our Series Level item, by labelling it with a Category and a Tag, except we need an item that carries a general Series title.

Creating a new series item

Once object items have been created for all the available images for the series, clone the one to be featured (the first in the series), and make the following changes:

  1. Place the Featured image
  2. Uncheck ‘Show featured image above…’
  3. Remove the Portfolio tag
  4. Label with the appropriate Category tag (eg ‘Wearables)
  5. Replace the object item title with the series title (the item title will usually include the series title, so just remover the extra identifiers)
  6. Rename the slug, abbreviating the series title

Each series has the same Portfolio Items element (and Build Query) as the Object Items it calls, so this doesn’t need to be edited.

Nav Section

The Nav section also needs to be edited, when a new Series level item is created.

In the portfolio item editor go to:

Parameters and Options
→ General Details
→ Custom Archive URL (second tab)

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