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The Design Series collects all the series into one Portfolio, on the site home page.

Links to the Design Series appear on the top menu (Design) and in the Nav section at the bottom of the page of each Series and Object level item (the 4 boxes in the centre).

Generally this section works without any need for editing. Portfolio items are called according to their Portfolio Category (Lights, Wearables, etc) – the section is populated by labelling an item with the appropriate category.

It will need to be edited when there is a new Design Category, (eg. ‘Installations’, or ‘Wall Works’ or such might be added, especially if they began to be commissioned).

  1. To do this, first add the new category under Portfolio > Portfolio Categories, on the left menu.
  2. Then label the Series item with the category

Next, add the new category to the Design Series portfolio items

  1. Open the site home page: All Pages > Home — Front Page
  2. Go to the Portfolio Items element in the WP Bakery section
  3. Select the green pencil that appears when you hover over this element
  4. Click on the Build Query button
  5. Under ‘Taxonomy’, type the first few letters of the category.
  6. A spinning wheel appears and you will be presented with the category – if more than one appears, make sure you choose the one with (portfolio_category) after it.

Update the item and then select View Post. The labelled Series item should then appear in the section.

If it doesn’t, check that it carries a Featured Image

It can go wrong if you label an item with an inappropriate category.
This can’t be fixed here – look up Series Level or Object Level.

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13/12/2017 at 4.47pm

Hello Chris, I am more of a dum than I thought I would be! Even though it seems well written, nothing makes sense. Perhaps I can try blaming it on the heat.. I will try again later.
Thanks, Szilvia

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