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The site is backed up using the UpdraftPlus plugin.

NB, do not update WordPress, the theme or the plugins provided by the theme till the Laborator have made an update available.

Generally, updates take place in a cycle. WordPress will release an update, then the plugins and themes will update their code to suit – releasing their updates a few days later. The theme is usually the last to come in, because it has to wait on the plugins it deploys.

Even then you can afford to sit on it, because WordPress usually has a smaller ‘correction’ after that. Even if the little red buttons are bothering you, it pays to wait it out.

Procedures for backing up

When you are ready to back up, set aside some time

[more to come]

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13/12/2017 at 4.54pm

Okay, thanks, this is easy so far. Szilvia

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