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The information here is further to the Editor Overview. It provides advanced details of the site setup, specifically for Admins.

User Profiles uses the Members plugin, to allow more granular control over what users can do. The Editor role can no longer edit or delete a post belonging to another author. (I have made Szilvia author of all Portfolio items.)


Portfolio makes adaptive use of the portfolio features provided by the Kalium theme.
Portfolio pages are referred to as ‘Items’. To access these, click on ‘Portfolio’ in the left-hand menu. The All Items view will appear.
To quickly find a specific item, type its title in the Search Portfolio search field and click the button.

To edit an item: select the title in All Items view or select Edid Portfolio Item at the top of the screen whilst viewing the item and logged in.

You can do some editing of items from the All Items view. Hold the mouse over an item and an options menu will drop out.
Choosing ‘Quick Edit’ lets you change titles, slugs, dates, categories and tags, etc.

Go to Design Series for more info about editing portfolio items.


Categories and Tags are applied to images and items to manage and filter them for site navigation. How these are used is described in the Media, Object Level, Series Level and Design Level instructions.


In some ways the Media Library is the guts of the site. uses a plugin called Enhanced Media Library to allow tagging of images so they can be managed more easily. Unfortunately it seems you need the pro version to apply tags and categories in bulk, so best to remember to do this when images are first uploaded
The Media Categories are for broad top-level sorting. Portfolio Categories are the same as those used for Portfolio items
The main category here is


There are a few pages on the site, but they are used to structure the site at the top Menu level, and new pages aren’t a day-to-day thing.
New portfolio items will be quite common, though, as they are used to populate both the Exhibitions section and the Design Series section.


The old Links Manager has been removed. This can be reinstated in the options.php file

If you upgraded from a version prior to 3.5, you may still have the link manager in the sidebar, even if it is not needed. To remove this, edit the “Link Manager Enabled” field from 1 (on) to 0 (off) in /wp-admin/options.php or through any database manager.

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