Seven artists explore beyond their individual boundaries, skating on

Incinerator Art Space
2 Small Street, Willoughby NSW 2068

Frozen Explosion series

These explorations in ceramics are to find new meaning and function; this through the procedure of ‘deconstruction’ of simple porcelain forms. In the work for this exhibition, Szilvia responds directly to the former use of the exhibition space as an Incinerator chamber, mirroring the potter’s kiln as a creative, but also potentially destructive instrument,

The work captures the moment of destruction of a porcelain vessel under the duress of heat shock. Despite the ancient history of longevity, and stability, a porcelain vessel is often on the threshold of violent unpredictability during creation. A moment of destruction is captured here in mid-air, when a porcelain vessel explodes from the furnace into the Incinerator Art Space.

But in loss there is gain and from the fragments released by destruction emerges creative opportunity through recycling. In response, Szilvia recycles her ‘failed’ pieces of porcelain and suspends them from fluorescent lines in the space of the old furnace, thereby evoking the process and pivotal role and ambiguity of fire to her work.

Exhibiting artist are;

Itzick Fisher | Szilvia György | Koichi Ishino | Akira Kamada
Sue Roberts | Ayako Saito | Nahomi Yoshizawa