My aim is to create lights that express the rhythms of life. I search for new forms through deconstructing old ones. That creates a shadow play with positive and negative shapes and different planes that I find very fascinating. The light opens up the inside of the form.

Respecting the nature of clay, I respond to the form by rearranging the spirals and marvel at the collaboration that transpires when the work is consecrated to the fire.

I choose smooth white porcelain and translucent porcelain and a potter’s wheel to make the initial form. The form is cut with a sharp knife and I rearrange its elements, thinking of the pyroplastic qualities of porcelain in the high firing and in the black firing.

Deconstructed Lights 

Double Helix Pendant 

Double Helix B&W Light: (electric)



Double Helix 

Double Helix B&W