Szilvia György was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1970; she arrived to Australia in 1989 open to adventure.

Naturally attracted by the challenge of new culture and inspired by ancient heritage, she has been practicing sculpture since 2001 in its various manifestations. Her medium of choice is from porcelain to wooden sculpture that relate to human space. She also works at small scale, where objects are in direct relationship to the human body, made of precious metals, stones, plastics, etc.
She has been interested in finding new meaning and function through the procedure of deconstruction of simple forms, and she finds endless fascination in the dualities of life; positive-negative, stillness - motion, distance - closeness, upside - downside, inside – outside, light – shadow. She is especially drawn to the field that overlaps between art and design, and has been making lights that interact with their surroundings and jewelry as wearable sculptures.
In 2014 she has been increasingly engaged in a dialogue not only with the materials she works with, but other artists - the collaborative experience offers endless directions.
Over the past few years she has been dividing her time between Sydney, where she works in a ceramic and wood studio, and Jervis Bay, where she works on small projects. .
She has a bachelor of Fine Arts from the National Art School, Sydney, having also studied at the Institute of the Arts at the ANU, Canberra, and in TAFE, Sydney. Since 2001 she has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions including the International Triennial of Silicate Arts, Kecskemet, Hungary, FLICAM in Fuping, China, Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Germany, State Library of Queensland, Brisbane and Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney.